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Squeeze the air out of this bag as well and seal it. By double-bagging, there is less of a chance of salt and how ice cream is made process analysis essay leaking into your ice cream.

Next, put the quart-sized bags inside the gallon sized bag. It is best to use a gallon-sized freezer bag for this rather than just any plastic food storage bag because they are tougher and less likely to be punctured or torn open while making the ice cream. JPG Once you have the smaller bags in the larger bag add the ice and salt into the larger bag, covering and surrounding the small bags.

You can use table how ice cream is made process analysis essay for Masters coursework help water in the bottom pan.

Once the water boils, temperature will rise thereby ensuring that the mixture will not get overcooked. The beaten egg yolks must be combined together with the sugar and milk and leave it there to cook until such time that bubbles can be seen essay for parents the mixture.

Once the mixture is done, it must be left at a room temperature to cool down. Once the custard has cooled the vanilla extract must be stirred into it together with the whipped cream. Without air, ice cream becomes heavy and soggy. On the other hand, too much air results in ice cream that is snowy and dry. The Manufacturing Process Although ice cream is available in a variety of forms, including novelty items such as chocolate-dipped bars and sandwiches, the following description applies to ice cream that is packaged in pint and half-gallon containers.

Blending the mixture 1 The milk arrives at the ice cream plant in refrigerated tanker trucks from local dairy farms.

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Pipes bring the milk in pre-measured amounts to 1, gal 3, stainless steel blenders. Premeasured amounts of eggs, sugar, and additives are blended with the milk for six to eight minutes. Pasteurizing to kill bacteria 2 The blended mixture is piped to the pasteurization machine, which is composed of a series of thin stainless steel plates.

The cold milk mixture is piped through on the other side.

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Homogenizing to produce a uniform texture 3 By the application of intensive air pressure, sometimes as much as 2, pounds per square inch kg per sq cmthe hot mixture is forced through a small opening into the homogenizer.

This breaks down the fat particles and prevents them from separating from the rest of the mixture. In the homogenizer, which is essentially a high-pressure piston pump, the mixture is further blended as it is drawn into the pump cylinder on the down stroke and then forced back out on the upstroke.

Flavoring the ice cream 5 The ice cream is pumped to stainless steel vats, each holding up to gal 1, 1 of mixture. Flavorings are how ice cream is made process analysis essay into the vats and blended thoroughly. Freezing to soft-serve consistency 6 Now the mixture must be frozen. It is pumped into continuous freezers that can freeze up to gal 2, 1 per hour. While the ice cream is in the freezer, air is injected into it. When the mixture leaves the freezer, it has the consistency of soft-serve ice cream.

Adding fruit and sweetened chunks 7 If chunks of food such as strawberry or cookie pieces are to be added to the ice how ice cream is made process analysis essay, the frozen mixture is pumped to a fruit feeder. The chunks are how ice cream is made process analysis essay into a hopper at the top of the feeder.

Another, smaller hopper, fitted with a starwheel, is located on the front of the feeder. An auger on the bottom of the machine turns the hoppers so that the chunks drop onto the starwheel in pre-measured amounts.

As the mixture passes through the feeder, the starwheel pushes the food chunks into the ice cream. The mixture then moves to a blender where the chunks are evenly distributed. Packaging and bundling the finished product 8 Automatic filling machines drop preprinted pint or half-gallon-sized cardboard cartons into holders.

The cartons are then filled with premeasured amounts of ice cream at the rate of what is stanton’s thesis in declaration of sentiments and resolutions per hour.

The machine then places a lid on each cartons and pushes it onto a conveyer belt. The cartons move how ice cream is made process analysis essay the conveyer belt where they pass under a ink jet that spray-paints an expiration date and production code onto each carton.

After the imprinting, the cartons move through the bundler, a heat tunnel that covers each cup with plastic shrink wrapping. The cartons move slowly back and forth through the tunnel for two to three hours until the contents are rock solid.